The History of Josenmühle

Our Inn began life as a mill (mühle in German) belonging to the Josen family, hence the name Josenmühle, and was part of the Josenhof.  After it was sold by the Josen family (about 1850), for a time it was operated as a bakery.  In 1955, it was sold by the then-owner Otto Waldvogel to Josef Löffler, and it was once again part of the Josenhof.

The farmhouse itself stood empty for a few years, until it was purchased by Hermann Faller from Holzhäulsehof in 1967.  He and his wife Irmgard thoroughly renovated it, gutting the building and completely rebuilding it, and removing the old water wheel which powered the mill.  They no longer used it as a bakery, but instead Irmgard began renting out guest rooms to visitors to the local area, and over the years additional holiday apartments were added.

In 2005, the Fallers’ youngest child, their daughter Birgit, took over managing the house.  In the same year that Birgit took over, she began a partial renovation of the property.  Her father Hermann witnessed the beginning of the transformation but not the finished product, as he passed away in January 2006. Mother Irmgard was the good soul in the house for a long time; she passed away peacefully at home on September 12, 2023 at the age of 83.



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